Your First D&D campaign


The First Day

The adventuring party woke up in a jail cell. They learned that they were put in there under suspicion of kidnapping the Duke of Easthaven’s new bride. It was explained to them that this might not be such a good thing for their health. A elderly Monk named Barnes told them that they were framed by the Wild Elves that live in the woods to the South. The Bride would most likely be held there. He also told them they could try and escape that night. With the help of Barnes, and another shadowy figure they escaped the jail in the dead of night. After an unfortunate incident with a rogue and a shop window, the guards were alerted to the party’s escape. They were then stopped at the city gate by a large guard captain with a great axe and his four policemen. The party was nearly beaten by the guards, but they managed to defeat them. They then made their way south to the woods.



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