Your First D&D campaign

Part One: The Stolen Bride

The Party made its way to the Enchanted Forest. Within they found tracks leading to a Wild Elf base. When they told the Elves inside that they were looking for the bride, they were attacked. Two Elves made a retreat upstairs. After beating the remaining elves, the party came cautiously up the stairs. After being hit by a dart trap they scouted the next room, finding even more enemies. The McBain and Rogue sneaked their way to the upper level and knocked the two archer up there off the ledge. Rogue tried to jump to a Primitive Chandelier, but failed. After fighting the rest of the enemies, they found a Crystal Puzzle sitting on a pedestal. The Rogue promptly broke it. After hours of searching, they find the secret compartment that held the items protected by the puzzle. With so much time taken to find the loot, who knows what the Wild Elves have been up to…



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